Just a few pictures to showcase how smitten I am by our little gal. Her name is Ula (the “U” is pronounced like the word hula) after our favorite coffee shop in Jamaica Plain, where we first lived in Boston. We will always hold that neighborhood (and our whole experience in Boston) dear in our […]

So, I have some exciting news! Matt and I have decided to get a puppy! We’ve been looking for a while, and though we were originally thinking about getting a little bit older puppy, yesterday we ended up finding this adorable gal below (image is from breeders site). She’s a third generation chocolate labradoodle from […]

Hello, and Happy St. Nicholas Day! Today, my friends, is a small holiday in the Frycek (and now this Denlinger) household, along with many other countries across Europe. For as long as I can remember, I have been celebrating this day with my family, a tradition that comes my my czech background, passed down from […]

The best part about working from home has to be the ability to make lunch time crafts. Yes, I may have forgotten to actually eat my lunch today, but I have two little stockings sewn out of leftover remnants from the wedding! We are using so many aspects of our wedding decorations in our house, […]

I’m sitting in our living room right now just in awe of how much we have accomplished in one week. We went from having a completely empty house to a house full to the brim with boxes to a cozy home complete with our very first Christmas Tree as a married couple. We almost have […]

Now presenting… My final chair! I literally finished the day before the movers came, and thankfully my upholstery teacher stayed late and gave me extra help! It was so satisfying to finish, and I’m excited about how it turned out! It’s new home is in our bedroom and it matches perfectly with our vintage rustic […]

There is so much to love about Detroit. Matt and I are quite excited about the city and what we see going on in it, but needless to say, we have a lot to learn about it as well. Even though we ended up renting a place in Ferndale (there was literally nothing available in […]