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DIY stockings from wedding leftovers

The best part about working from home has to be the ability to make lunch time crafts. Yes, I may have forgotten to actually eat my lunch today, but I have two little stockings sewn out of leftover remnants from the wedding! We are using so many aspects of our wedding decorations in our house, […]


Now presenting… My final chair! I literally finished the day before the movers came, and thankfully my upholstery teacher stayed late and gave me extra help! It was so satisfying to finish, and I’m excited about how it turned out! It’s new home is in our bedroom and it matches perfectly with our vintage rustic […]

Upholstery 101: Cotton & Foam

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that my east coast friends are prepared and safe for Sandy over the next couple days! I’m not really sure what this storm will bring out here, but my prayers go out to everyone that’s been effected so far and those that will get hit over […]

Upholstery 101: Springs

There has been so much going on in our lives these days that I’m so thankful to have my Tuesday night upholstery class to keep me grounded in some sort of a routine. I missed this post last week so I’ll be doubling it up on the upholstery posts this week! Springs are definitely the most […]

Upholstery 101: Webbing & Springs

I took my second upholstery class on Tuesday and have so much to share! My chair officially has webbing weaved and springs attached (although not yet tied). The webbing was fairly straightforward using a staple gun and webbing stretcher, but attaching and tying the springs is going to be a lesson to learn next week, […]

Upholstery 101: tear apart & glue together

I finished my first whirlwind of an upholstery class tonight and am so very excited to share with you the process of my $5 Brimfield find! The lesson of class one was basically tear everything apart. I ended up finding that my chair had been re-upholstered not one, but two times (which means I had […]

Easy Pillow Covers

I hope you’re ready to learn a beautiful AND simple way to make a decorative pillow today, my friends. I am by no means a seamstress, but this tutorial was incredibly intuitive and in a few simple steps I had myself some beautiful pillows to match our apartment! I actually ended up using only one […]