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So of course, the night before my pledged return to an active lifestyle, I managed to find myself on the floor of my bathroom waking up from another fainting spell. I ended up with only a split lip and a small cut on my eyebrow, thankfully, but the night was definitely not fun. Matt and […]

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Hey there! It’s been quite the few weeks here at the Denlinger household! I’ve been interviewing at a couple places here in Detroit (and preparing my portfolio before that) and I finally feel like I’ve poked my head above water. It’s been exhausting and so encouraging, but everything is now officially on hold until after […]

why hello!

why hello!


Matthew and I (Laura) have decided to start a blog to share with you wonderful people about our life as newlyweds in Boston, Massachusetts. Too many times we’ve been feeling like we forget a story or special life moment that we wished we could share with you and we hope this is a fun & creative way to bring Boston a little closer to your home (and get us to share more pictures that we keep promising to take and send)! We are hopeful that this will spark up more frequent phone calls and skype dates with our friends and family and that perhaps a few new friendships come along the way as well!

This is a blog about our life, so it may be a bit random at times… but know that each post represents a little piece of us and our passions whether it be a new apartment project, our travels, or a thought that’s been on our mind. We are excited to share with you in our life’s journey as we figure out what marriage looks like to us. We hope you choose to come along for the ride!

Laura & Matthew

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