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Winter adventure

Well, I suppose it’s about time that we start enjoying this Michigan winter, and what a better way than a ski adventure in the great white north! I’m actually pretty happy with how the day turned out… Despite my lack of practice last year. The snow was perfectly powdery, the company was beyond great (thanks […]

Ula’s first day

Today was Ula’s first day at doggy daycare! I have to say that I was pretty sad to leave her there (especially since I don’t start work until Monday) but, thankfully, they post pictures of the puppies playing! It looks like she’s having fun with the other pups, which I knew she would. I’m pretty […]

Being mindful (a food rant)

I read an article today about how the increased consumption on quinoa in westernized countries has made this staple food for countries like Bolivia too expensive for them to now consume (sorry Facebook friends for the double topic hit). It hit me pretty hard. quinoa, a protein-rich, gluten-free grain, was a cheap way to provide […]

Hypothyroidism & whatnot

I’ve been exhausted lately. I think it’s a combination of being tired from random wake ups from the pup still (we are so so close!) and being poked and prodded by doctors of various sorts over the past couple weeks. They have determined that I have hypothyroidism, a relativity normal disorder that can make a […]


So of course, the night before my pledged return to an active lifestyle, I managed to find myself on the floor of my bathroom waking up from another fainting spell. I ended up with only a split lip and a small cut on my eyebrow, thankfully, but the night was definitely not fun. Matt and […]

Happy 2013!

Hello friends, It’s back to “normal” at the Denlinger household and I’m thankful for a quiet couple of days. It was so wonderful seeing all the friends and family we did this past week and a half. Our good friends Lindsey and Andrew came to visit over the weekend from Cincinnati and it was just […]

What we’ve been up to

Hey there! It’s been quite the few weeks here at the Denlinger household! I’ve been interviewing at a couple places here in Detroit (and preparing my portfolio before that) and I finally feel like I’ve poked my head above water. It’s been exhausting and so encouraging, but everything is now officially on hold until after […]