Being mindful (a food rant)


I read an article today about how the increased consumption on quinoa in westernized countries has made this staple food for countries like Bolivia too expensive for them to now consume (sorry Facebook friends for the double topic hit). It hit me pretty hard.

quinoa, a protein-rich, gluten-free grain, was a cheap way to provide for their families the nutrients they need, and now, as it’s popularity increases, their ability to provide for their families (what was always abundant) has diminished greatly. It’s even more expensive than chicken, I read in one article.

I’m beginning to realize that my Food choices rarely take this into consideration, on a day-to-day basis, other than the most widely known problem foods (chocolate, coffee, etc. ). It, quite frankly, never occurred to me that this food, so frequently sold in my healthy and socially conscious grocery store, was causing such a problem for so many lives. I wonder how many times I walk out of a store proud of my savvy shopping, without realizing the damage that a few extra dollars would have helped spare. I just don’t even know what options are available… Which is neglectful on my part.

A reminder to myself to be more aware in choices I make. If I care so deeply about the world (as i say i do) I need to be carefully making decisions where I can, and not only about my health but the health of others. I know I can not, realistically, only buy fair trade products or local vegetables (in winter) but I can pursue a life being more mindful of my decisions and options.

End of rant 🙂


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