Hypothyroidism & whatnot

I’ve been exhausted lately. I think it’s a combination of being tired from random wake ups from the pup still (we are so so close!) and being poked and prodded by doctors of various sorts over the past couple weeks. They have determined that I have hypothyroidism, a relativity normal disorder that can make a big impact on your body by altering the amount of hormones in it. So basically any tiredness, dry skin, weight gain/inability to lose weight, depression, or general swings in the opposite direction of that could possibly be a culprit. It’s hard for me to look back in the last year even and pin point whether I have had any of these symptoms “out of the ordinary” so I’m curious to see if I notice a difference. We also don’t know if this was the cause of my fainting spells yet.  I’ve started taking medicine for it but it’s not supposed to kick in for another couple of weeks. They are also doing fairly procedural tests on my heart, etc. to make certain it’s not the problem. I get to wear that snazzy heart monitor for a day, which is always fun, and had my very first ultra-sound (on my heart) in which everything looked good! It was actually pretty cool to see my heart on the screen… I can imagine the excitement of seeing another life to all those moms and pops out there.

Other than that, Matt and I have been taking it easy. We’ve been playing a lot of board games, going on short jogs with Ula, watching BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series, and as you can see, Ula has been putting her foot (or head, I guess) down on too much computer time. Pretty exciting, huh? I promise adventures are to come, so hang in there! I also have a couple projects I’m itching to start (and WILL happen before I get back to work) but we’ve just been enjoying seeing family and laying low for a while.

Hope all is well! Laura




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