So of course, the night before my pledged return to an active lifestyle, I managed to find myself on the floor of my bathroom waking up from another fainting spell. I ended up with only a split lip and a small cut on my eyebrow, thankfully, but the night was definitely not fun. Matt and I weren’t sure whether I needed stitches or not, so we went to the ER at midnight on Sunday and went through all the blood tests and check-ups that I’m so (not) fond of. Again, thankfully, nothing was found wrong and no stitches were needed. Admittedly, Matt had to remind me on the way home, at 4am, why going to the doctors wasn’t a waste of time and sleep… it is important for everyone’s peace of mind… but why did it need to happen in the middle of the night!

I’ve been taking it easy the past couple of days, as you could guess, but I AM taking a few steps towards a healthier life-style despite my inactivity. I’ve been playing with my juicer the past few days and have made juice for breakfast and lunch this week! I feel much cleaner and less weighted already. I’m definitely not fasting, but it’s nice to supplement a healthy and smaller meal with a nutritious juice, especially when I haven’t been that hungry lately (probably due to my metabolism stopping along with my trips to the gym).

Here’s to getting back into a healthy routine, not as a resolution, but as a step to getting back to my normal life, and a resolution to get to the doctors this month.



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