What we’ve been up to

Hey there!

It’s been quite the few weeks here at the Denlinger household! I’ve been interviewing at a couple places here in Detroit (and preparing my portfolio before that) and I finally feel like I’ve poked my head above water. It’s been exhausting and so encouraging, but everything is now officially on hold until after the holiday (thank goodness).

Our little pup, Ula, has continued to be as cute as ever. My new favorite thing is when she pretends to drink water in her sleep (so stinking cute) and she’s starting to learn all her basic sit and down commands! It’s crazy that we’ve only has her a week and a half!

I’ve also had the chance to see my family quite a bit! I’ve had lovely visits from both sisters and brought Ula to meet my family’s dogs so there isn’t anything crazier than normal at Grandma’s this week! The pups, of course, got along just great and Ula officially slept the entire next day.

Matt and I are off to Chicago and then Ohio to visit with family for Christmas in just a bit and then hopefully spending the new year with a couple awesome friends from Cincinnati. I must say, I’m one lucky girl to have so many great people in my life all across the country.

Hope you all enjoy your “end of the world” today, I will be spending it with my little family in a car, hopefully rocking out to some Christmas classics. 🙂

Xo, Laura





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