A new family member

So, I have some exciting news! Matt and I have decided to get a puppy! We’ve been looking for a while, and though we were originally thinking about getting a little bit older puppy, yesterday we ended up finding this adorable gal below (image is from breeders site). She’s a third generation chocolate labradoodle from F1b parents and is supposed to be medium sized (around 40lbs). We really liked the idea of adopting, but my allergies just will not let us adopt most dogs, and we needed to make a decision quickly since we don’t know how long I’ll be working from home or not. We wanted a puppy with an already mild temperament, since we haven’t trained a puppy before, and labradoodles are known for their sweet and loyal personalities, as well as the F1b puppies hypoallergenic fur. Let’s hope our little girl is as sweet as her mom, grandpa and grandma that we met yesterday!

We’ve both been wanting a dog for quite some time now and we’re just so thrilled that our living situation is working for us! Since I’m working from home at the moment, I’ll be able to watch and train the puppy throughout the day while she’s in her younger days and crate train her in the process for when I, hopefully, get a job working with other people! I’m also thankful that my parents and lovely sisters are so close and good with dogs, so we can socialize the little guy and leave her with a loving family if we need to go somewhere without a puppy.

Anyways, we are picking her up on Tuesday and have a house full of supplies ready as of yesterday night! Can’t wait to share this little journey with you and to bring out sweet girl home tomorrow!


xoxo, Laura


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