DIY stockings from wedding leftovers

The best part about working from home has to be the ability to make lunch time crafts. Yes, I may have forgotten to actually eat my lunch today, but I have two little stockings sewn out of leftover remnants from the wedding! We are using so many aspects of our wedding decorations in our house, but I love finding ways to repurpose as much as possible (which is one reason we specifically chose colors and fabrics we would like to reuse). So while I have probably 100 yards of burlap from table runners, I am gladly using it up for projects such as these stockings! I also used some of the extra fabric from my wedding dress (that i asked the seamstress to save for me) for the ruffles and some extra tan fabric I had from making pendant flags for the tan top of the other. I love being surrounded by little reminders of our day without having our whole house scream wedding, and especially finding ways to use bits of my dress fabric makes me smile from all the love we felt that day.

Anyways, all my fashion design friends are probably rolling their eyes at my haphazard construction, but I kind of like that they aren’t perfect. Take a peak below! They will be hung from two of the handles of our card catalog once it’s officially a table (the legs come in this week)!



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