Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

I’m sitting in our living room right now just in awe of how much we have accomplished in one week. We went from having a completely empty house to a house full to the brim with boxes to a cozy home complete with our very first Christmas Tree as a married couple. We almost have no boxes left, and the stress of clutter is melting away (okay, the studio is still a complete disaster, but when you shut the door it looks like someone actually lives here)!

I am so thankful for all the hard work Matt has been putting into our new home. Where I can take my lunch break and  non-existent commute time to put things away, Matt has been coming home from a new job and getting to work again without a complaint. He even put together and altered an Ikea kitchen cart for us like three times to make our microwave fit (what a guy).

We spent the weekend getting our fill of Christmas decorating fun. As newly weds, we basically had nothing to decorate a Christmas tree with so Saturday we met some of my family in Frankenmuth, MI (Christmas decorating capitol of the world) and picked up some lights and a couple big boxes of bulbs.  Let me just say again that it is SO nice to be able to just meet up with family on short notice. Sunday we chopped down our own tree at Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm, a cute little place just north of Detroit, and did some decorating! There is something that I will just always love about putting a Christmas tree up & this first tree of ours (with only 4 ornaments that did not come from large boxes of bulbs) in our new home, will always be a special one to remember.

Do you have any special holiday traditions that make this season special for you? As we form new traditions as a family this year, I’d love to hear about yours!



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