The apartment search


Hey everyone!

Matt and I are officially in Detroit and fully into the apartment search now! We’ve been checking out different neighborhoods and we’ve found some pretty cool things. So yes, there are definitely some abandoned buildings, and yes, the city is in financial trouble, but despite, there are some awesome places to go and see. Midtown, corktown, and eastern market promise to be favorite neighborhoods for coffee and good food, and a bit out of the heart of the city, royal oak is full of little shops and restaurants that are fun to walk around!

I think I’ll like it here if we can manage to get an apartment in our price range in one of the areas mentioned. This, however, has proven to be more difficult than I was imagining. Unless you want to buy (which Matt and I want to wait a bit on) there aren’t that many options. Matt and I spent Some time yesterday calling places only to keep hearing that places were already rented (just not taken off rental sites) or they simply did not answer and haven’t called back. No realtor even offered any other listings they had, which is so strange to me. Anyways, wish us Luck as we go through the rest of the week! We are looking at one apartment today that didn’t have any pictures up on their posting so who knows what we will find!

The picture above is from a cute coffee and tea shop in the eastern market! It’s a wall of loose leaf tea (heaven on earth) which I’ll almost certainly be visiting far too frequently this winter.


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  1. Good luck!!!

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