Monthly Archives: November 2012


Now presenting… My final chair! I literally finished the day before the movers came, and thankfully my upholstery teacher stayed late and gave me extra help! It was so satisfying to finish, and I’m excited about how it turned out! It’s new home is in our bedroom and it matches perfectly with our vintage rustic […]


There is so much to love about Detroit. Matt and I are quite excited about the city and what we see going on in it, but needless to say, we have a lot to learn about it as well. Even though we ended up renting a place in Ferndale (there was literally nothing available in […]

Welcome to our new home!

It’s official, we are now moved into our new house! This, unfortunately means we are buried to our heads in boxes… And the unpacking officially starts again along with it. With all this busy (moving and traveling to families for thanksgiving while sick) I’m looking forward to having a home that’s put together. Let’s hope […]

The apartment search

Hey everyone! Matt and I are officially in Detroit and fully into the apartment search now! We’ve been checking out different neighborhoods and we’ve found some pretty cool things. So yes, there are definitely some abandoned buildings, and yes, the city is in financial trouble, but despite, there are some awesome places to go and […]


We are officially packed & on the road! We’ll be in Michigan tomorrow! Sorry for being so MIA these days… Life has been crazy to say the least. I’m excited for the adventure ahead and sharing it on this blog, but it probably will continue to be slow as we make the transition to our […]