Detroit & Twitter


We will officially be departing for Michigan on November 9th, just two weeks from now! I’ve been feeling especially bittersweet about the move this week but something changed in me today… I’m not exactly sure what triggered it, but I feel especially excited about Detroit. Like really really, I can’t wait to explore and live in all of its “gritty” splendor, excited.

Partially, it might be that I joined Twitter… something that I thought I would NEVER do. I already feel like I spend too much time on the computer as it is, and definitely didn’t need another social media black hole, but reading an article in my rss reader today, I saw that Twitter was opening an office in Detroit (first intrigue). Then, as I was starting to build my new online portfolio there was a feature that prompted me to actually try it out. I’m pretty sure I joined about 20 different detroit twitter feeds in the span of 2 minutes. Who knew information on a city was so available and quick to peruse (okay, probably everyone who actually has been using Twitter since it started) but I’m super pumped for this to be a source of information and encouragement on my new home! Who knows how I’ll feel about the move tomorrow… I’ve definitely been on a roller coaster ride… but, this crazy, moving two times in 6 months, unknown-filled adventure we call life in the Denlinger household is good. #fullofhope (I felt like I needed to end this post with a hash tag to pay my respects)

Happy Friday, my friends, and feel free to follow me @LauraMDenlinger for all of your quick up to dates on our move & life in The D.

xo, Laura



  1. I’m sad to see you leave, but now we’ll always have facebook and twitter. :p

    1. So true! It’s fun to see all the pics of you and the little one 🙂 I’ll miss you guys and Boston so much!

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