Upholstery 101: Springs

There has been so much going on in our lives these days that I’m so thankful to have my Tuesday night upholstery class to keep me grounded in some sort of a routine. I missed this post last week so I’ll be doubling it up on the upholstery posts this week! Springs are definitely the most difficult part of upholstery, so I’m going to try to give a few pointers but finding a tutorial online or having someone show you in person might be your best bet for the first go around!

Things to keep in mind:

1. The first row you pull must be very tight. To be honest, I couldn’t get it tight enough and the instructor had to help me. I’ve concluded that if you keep the strings slightly loose, push down on the springs, and then pull tight, it works the best. Loop around the nails and hammer in right away!

2. You only loop the string around the spring on the first row of ties (see the first picture). After that it’s all knotting.

3. You want to wrap/tie the twine on the second row of the springs only on the very outside edges of the chair. Otherwise you’ll use the top row. This allows a nice curve to the chair since the outer edge will be pulled more tightly towards the sides. (note: you only use the second row for the first horizontal and vertical rows (plaid pattern) once you start the diagonals you only use the top row)

4. Once you get the first row hammered in, tie a knot and then wrap the excess twine around the tight twine (see image one). This is the only area that you’ll wrap the twine. Supposedly, this is where twine breaks the most often, so the wrapping reinforces the string.

5. After that, follow your twine back towards where you started knotting at every intersection.

6. After the first row, continue to the rest of the pattern. Do the knotting (no looping) as seen in picture two and follow a tutorial to get the correct pattern for your chair!

7. After everything is tied, staple a layer of burlap over the springs. My particular chair had raised corners (about an inch higher than the rest of the base) so I had to build up the edges to be level. I cut out 6″ of burlap to fit the edges of my chair and stapled it onto the edges. Then, I filled it with 6″ of cotton that I then rolled tightly and stapled to the base.

This is where I left off last week! I’m pretty much ready for  real fabric next week, so I can’t wait to show you the progress I made today putting together my cushions! Check out my pictures below and let me know if you have any question!



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