Fair Trade: Counter Culture Coffee

I mentioned that I’d post about a few of Matt and my favorite fair trade products this month… and have completely failed to do so (is this month flying by or what?). So today, I wanted to share with you one of my all time favorite coffee brands: Counter Culture. Their coffee is so rich, flavorful and has this beautiful full-bodied feel to it that just makes me happy.. AND they are completely working towards the best relationship with their growers possible, which makes this coffee just a little sweeter. Nothing can beat a hot cup on a chilly fall morning, and for someone who really doesn’t need a cup of coffee each day (although these dark mornings are making me a regular), I would go out of my way to get a cup from one of my favorite local coffee shops that brew it. You can order right on the site I provided above, or stop by our home for a cup where we most likely have it in either coffee or espresso form.

They talk about their sustainability and fair trade practice here if you’re interested. I’m also a fan of our local coffee shop, Ula’s coffee which is also fair trade and local to our neighborhood, but you’d have to visit to get a bag! Do you have any favorite fair trade coffee companies?

Cheers! Laura


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