October: Fair Trade Month

Hello and Happy October! Can you believe that it’s already that time of year? Walking around the city there are pumpkins appearing on front porches and Halloween decorations creeping their way into the mix. This time of year always gets me thinking about sweets… apple baked goods & Halloween candy are everywhere to be seen (and attempt to be avoided) in the office. This year though, I came across an article stating that October is Fair Trade month. Matt and I try to choose fair trade options whenever possible, and to be honest, it’s quite easy to fall into the coffee and tea band wagon when you’re so picky about the taste like I am… but chocolate is one of those things that I’ve never really made the leap with. Chocolate, in particular, has a bad reputation for exploiting children in third world countries, and while many big candy companies, like Mars & Kraft, are taking steps towards fair trade (Mars hopes to be fully fair trade in 2020) I feel the need to pay more attention to it now. For some reason, however, that mini candy bar staring at me from across the office is just so hard to take a stand against.

So this year, in observance of Fair Trade Month, I’m going to completely take the plunge and not eat any chocolate that is not fair trade. Hopefully this will also keep me more aware of other choices I’m making in my daily life, but chocolate is definitely a start.

I’m also going to try to share a few of my favorite fair trade products as the month goes on so hopefully you can be mindful of it as well (and keep me accountable)! I’d love to hear about any of your favorite Fair Trade products as you think about it through the month!

photo borrowed from Fair Trade article on Good. Check it out for more recources on Fair Trade!


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