Celebrate the Ordinary: Weekly Highlights

1. I finally got new running shoes last weekend and am able to run 2 miles all of a sudden! Small win, but it feels so good. Thanks for pushing me to actually go to a store that will tell me which shoes to buy, Matthew!

2. Savoring the last days of summer with ice cream & good friends… but ordering apple crisp ice cream because fall just sounds so good!

3. My sister got me a subscription of Real Simple magazine for my birthday and I got my second one in the mail yesterday! I never buy myself magazines (I think it’s a frugality thing even though I love them… and they aren’t THAT much of an investment) and let me just say that it is such a treat.

4. The little hints of early fall that immediately gets me dreaming about apple picking, the changing colors of the leaves, layers & indulging in an occasional pumpkin spice latte. If only it would stay in the upper 60’s from October – December!

5. I think our balcony is almost completely fixed! Mr. Worker Man if you could please finish it in time for us to enjoy a few fall morning coffees out there that would be just perfect, thanks!

6. We are planning a trip to NYC the first weekend of October (can you believe that’s only 3 weeks away?) to tour all my favorite coffee shops, restaurants and sites from when I lived there! Can. Not. Wait (eeek!)

Happy Friday, loves!


One comment

  1. I can’t wait to start running again! It’s going to take me a long time to work up to 2 miles!

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