Vintage Map Coasters

Hello, I hope you had a great weekend! Matt and I were out at Brimfield all day and I can’t wait to share some of our finds with you!

I promised I’d share the finished results of the coaster project Matt and I worked on this week… Sunday night counts, right? They turned out really cool, and although the pictures faded a bit from what we printed (I think we’ll have to experiment with different papers) I actually think I like them a little more for the vintage look we were going for. We decided to do vintage maps of important places to our relationship, but you could really use whatever image you wanted to! In case you were interested… we used Cincinnati (where we met at the University of Cincinnati), Chicago (the first trip we took together), Michigan (where we got married), Barcelona (one of the cities in Spain where we took our honeymoon), and Boston (our first home city as a married couple). I hope you enjoy!

What we did:

1. Found vintage maps online and printed 4×4 pictures of them (we just used regular printer paper)
2. bought “noce” tumbled stone tile from home depot… it was like 3 bucks for 9 of them
3. used watered down white glue (we used a stronger version of Elmer’s) to glue the picture to the stone
4. paint a few coats of lacquer (we used matte) on top of the picture. Make sure to get any edges that hang off the edge of the stone! I think the lacquer is what faded the picture
5. After dry, cut out pieces of thin cork just slightly smaller than the stone
6. Super glue the cork onto the stone and allow to dry before using!



  1. Ich denken oft nur an das Eine.

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