Boston’s fashion night out

There’s something about this time of year that makes me want to go to New York City… The summer heat that radiates from the asphalt has started to lift and I start dreaming about apple ginger soy’s (from Peacefood) and wandering around Central Park with a good book in hand… Oh and, of course, the energy that just pours out of the city during fashion week. Yes, I could go on about the materialism and the many problems attached to the fashion industry (anorexia & the poor treatment of clothing factory workers in third world countries to name a few…) but while I do feel that those things need to be addressed, there’s something about the night that is so glamorous that you can’t help but celebrate the good & beautiful things that have come from the fashion world. 

So, while not in NYC for Fashion Week… I went to the Boston edition with a co-worker. No, it was not New York, but Boston definitely stepped it up! Champagne was pouring, Georgetown cupcakes were being served and music was abundant (on the streets with live performances and in the stores with DJ’s). Madewell even had a fun braid bar with a couple of stylists that knocked out trendy braided looks on all those willing to wait in line. Take a look at a few pictures from the night!


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