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Eat Boutique

Last weekend, a few of us went to Boston’s Autumn Eat Boutique! A little late on the posting (sorry, Matt’s been sick) but I promised I’d share a few pictures of the event! It’s supposed to be a dreary weekend here in Boston, but looking at these pictures just warms my soul with the memory. […]

Happy Monday

Happy Monday

This weekend really flew by, didn’t it? It was a stunning few days here in Boston and we lived it fully with good friends and conversation through a packed weekend of brunch & lunch dates, walks and events around the city! A group of us made it out to the wharf for Boston’s Fall Eat Boutique, which was full of delectable local food & drinks and packed with people who love local (so exciting)! I can’t wait to share a few pictures with you this week, but until then… enjoy these beautiful fall days, my friends!

Xo, Laura

Celebrate the Ordinary: Weekly Highlights

There have been a few events in our lives the past few weeks that have been (for lack of a better word) challenging, but despite all the uncertainty’s of life, I feel so blessed to have the friends, family & husband that I do. I really don’t think I could ask for more… unless I […]

Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic)

I’m quite certain that I just tasted my first sip of a new household staple here at the Denlinger residence: Ginger Beer. I have long been a lover of ginger and recently I’ve been using the fresh form (a root) to spice up  drinks I make in my juicer (Homemade Ginger Apple Soy’s, anyone?). I’ve […]

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Rosemary Biscuits & a Honey story

Information on honey & bees have been popping up in my life everywhere, it seems. Although I am very much in active support of the local food movement and the benefits of it to our bodies & each regions success, I admit, that I never really thought much about the honey man (or woman) at […]

Celebrate the Ordinary: Weekly Highlights

1. I finally got new running shoes last weekend and am able to run 2 miles all of a sudden! Small win, but it feels so good. Thanks for pushing me to actually go to a store that will tell me which shoes to buy, Matthew! 2. Savoring the last days of summer with ice […]