Barcelona: The Food

First off, I love food. Anything that has to do with local food, farmers markets, cooking or trying new restaurants (usually) tops my list of favorite activities along side a good craft. That being said, the best advice I can give you is to go to Barcelona and eat. Eat your way through the glorious city of scrumptious, fresh & lovely cuisine around every corner. So, in case you ever have the pleasure (and I know at least one sweet lady going soon) I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorites:

1. La Cuina d’en Garriga is just a little slice of heaven on earth. First off, this specialty food store & cafe is tucked on a side street near a busy thicket of Barcelona shops… one of those places that most tourists probably walk by, unknowingly, on their way to one of the 12 Zara’s within a 10 block radius. It’s thin red storefront, however, beckons you into a world of fresh bread, cheese (a glorious wall of it), scrumptious espresso and a darling interior. I instantly fell in love and I felt like we were one and the same. The first few (iphone) photos poorly display the shop and all of it’s vintage floral china, handwritten type and antique glory, but sadly can not speak to the wonders of the music, sweet waitresses, and pretty packaging lining the walls. If you delight in the simple, charming & delicious aspects of food, do yourself a favor and go to this place (but don’t forget to send me a little spice jar while you’re at it).

2. Matthew and I had a date one night at Restaurent Etapas, a delightful restaurant with outdoor seating and a charming owner. Again, another example of just how friendly people were (he even gave us a glass of champagne when he found out it was our honeymoon). We tried so many unique dishes at this place and everything was just so incredibly fresh, flavorful & beautifully presented. I think one of my favorite memories of Barcelona is the experience of dinner. Never do you go to a restaurant and rush through food… I think this meal started around 9 and ended at midnight. Its so beautiful to just have conversations, sip wine and experience the culture of a new place through the cuisine.

3. Sesamo was another one of those beautifully involved experiences. The chef is actually from Great Britain, so it was interesting to hear a lot of British accents in this restaurant rather than spanish, but it was absolutely great. Matthew and I chose to do the tasting menu and while a bit more expensive, it was so worth it. Sesamo is actually a vegetarian restaurant, but even my dear carnivore husband was fully satisfied! Whatever you do, you need to get the mushroom risotto at this place…  I can almost taste it as I’m sitting here typing. It’s a small  hole in the wall, but an absolutely delicious place. Side note: although it was a tasting with specific food, the chef actually came over and asked if we wanted another dish to make sure we had enough… even though we were full we couldn’t refuse! He was just so friendly & you could see that he was excited about what he was making and wanted to share it… that’s how a restaurant should be.

So take a look at a few more pictures… the last of the honeymoon posts, sadly! We had such an amazing time and I’m so glad that I’ve been able to share bit of it with you all! Happy Friday!  xo, Laura


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