Barcelona: The Sites

It’s been a while since I shared about our honeymoon, so I thought that I’d post a few pictures of the glorious city of Barcelona. Matt and I stayed right in the center of town (here), and I instantly fell in love! There is so much culture, architecture, outstanding food, friendly people and everything was just drenched in design inspiration. I left vowing that I’d be back and wishing I could move above my favorite little shop for a couple of years. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite restaurants (in case you ever have the pleasure) in another post, but until then, feast your eyes on some of my favorite sites of Barcelona!





  1. These are beautiful photos…. Oh how I want to travel!!!!

    1. Thank you and thanks for the comment! This was the first time Matt and I made it to Europe so I know the feeling (I think I will perpetually have that desire)! Hopefully there will be room for more in our lives as we settle into married life.

      1. Yes – Europe is amazing, and addicting! I did London/Paris a few years ago with my sister, and I have wanted to go back since the plane touched down at home!!! LOL

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