Celebrate the Ordinary: Weekly Highlights

Happy Friday Everyone!

The last summer weeks always seem to fly by, don’t they? While I’m looking forward to pumpkin bread, boots and hot chai, I think I need to start savoring the last bit of sunshine here in Boston before wishing away the heat. This week has been pretty low key, which is exactly what we needed! Check out our highlights below:

1. A weekend getaway at Sawyer Lake. I can not express how wonderful that little lake and cabin was for my soul. It was such a rejuvenating trip in a beautiful slow-paced setting.

2. A decision to not make dinner one night and watching BBC’s Human Planet instead (we ate leftovers). People are just so fascinating!

3. The book I just finished over the weekend (I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor’s Journey on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity) and the book that I started this week (The Lonely American: Drifting Apart in the Twenty-first Century). Both of these books are just packed full of thought-provoking information that has really been changing my view of the world we live in. I would highly recommend them for anyone interested in a good non-fiction read (The first is told in a memoir format, where the second is more facts & statistics).

4. Yesterday, my office went and volunteered all day at a high-risk middle school. We painted, built benches, landscaped and donated computers to update their computer lab. It was such an awesome way to show support for our community. I was able to meet one of the teachers that worked at the school and she had such a fire and energy for her job and students. She actually almost made me tear up because she was so passionate, it was really beautiful and has definitely stuck with me. I think we all need to be building up teachers, especially in low-income areas, for what they do for our country. Such a motivational day for so many reasons!

What have you been up to all week? I hope you have a great one wherever you are!

xo, Laura


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