Be Joyful

I must admit, today has not been the best of days. Work has been stressfully busy (I’m taking a break as we speak) and my typical good attitude despite unpleasant situations has been waning. I was searching through a few pictures I had taken of my calligraphy practice sheets and found this Gandi quote I scribbled a few weeks ago…

“You must be the change you wish to see in this world”

…a reminder that, in the simplest form of understanding this quote, my actions have an affect on those around me and the world we live in. I wish for a world full of joy and in the smallest of ways, just having a pleasant attitude in uncontrollable and (mildly) unpleasant times speaks to that much more than being a grump. So, here’s to happiness breeding happiness. Here’s to a change in attitude for the rest of this week and an opportunity to share with those I encounter my desire for joy in every situation. Plus, I get to spend half a day Thursday fixing up a low-income school in the Boston area… which is pretty darn cool. Thanks for listening to my rant if you made it this far & have an incredibly joyful week!

Much love.




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