Oh, Mountainous Ronda: Honeymoon part III

After an exciting day in Alhambra, Matthew and I were ready for another adventure. So, the next day, we packed up our little Panda and headed for the hills! I must admit, I was slightly terrified to climb the mountains of the Sierra Nieves in a stick shift car that we weren’t used to, but my fearless husband took on the challenge without thinking twice. When I was finally brave enough to look out the window, it was so worth it! The mountains and green hills that rolled seamlessly into the Mediterranean were a beautiful sight that will find its place in my dreams often.

Ronda, a small mountain town, is known in the Andalusian region of Spain for being the site of the first bull fighting ring as well as for an incredible crevice dividing two halves of the town. Matt and I spent the day eating tapas in town, walking along the ridge of the crevice and touring the bull ring. It was such a quaint town (a stark difference to the busy Granada from the day before) that had all the vibrancy and intricate details of quintessential Spain.

I think the highlight of this day was viewing the cliff houses lining the edges of the gorge and walking along the path that lined it. It was so picturesque, and such a fabulous way to see a different region of Spain. A close second, however, was the bull ring that was packed with little paintings and tiles in every corner. It was so interesting to view such an old piece of history, and while I’m actually glad that we didn’t make it to a fight (not really my cup of tea) it was fascinating to learn about the story behind those walls. When the day ended we drove back down the mountain, stopping every few miles to photograph the beautiful sites, and even made friends with a Frenchman that seemed to be stopping every time we did.

It was such a peaceful day (besides my fears in the morning mountain climb) to end our Andalusian adventure! The next day we spent the morning by the pool one last time before heading off to Barcelona! I can’t wait to share with you all the culture and beautiful sites of that glorious city soon (not to mention the little slice of heaven we found through a small red door in the city).

Check out a few pictures of our adventure to Ronda below!


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