Celebrate the Ordinary: Weekly Highlights

Good Afternoon & Happy Friday!

This week really seemed to fly by didn’t it? Between being sick and a busy work week I am thankful that a weekend of fun and relaxation with my hubby & friends has arrived. Check out the highlights from this week below:

1. Seeing my family last weekend, despite being sick, was such a joyful time! Being 15 hours away from loved ones is hard… but it definitely makes the time spent together sweeter. So much laughter and love, now I just need to convince my sisters to visit soon (hint, hint).

2. My little garden is producing! I’ve had an up and down journey with my balcony container garden this summer (it’s been so hot and dry), but the time spent tending it is beginning to show. I have many cucumbers growing, my tomato plants are finally blooming and little green peppers are starting to pop up! I already have a huge jalapeno pepper that I’m planning on using for some pineapple salsa this weekend (yum). I’ll make sure to take a picture of the garden soon to show you (but right now the railing is being replaced so it will have to wait until it’s finished).

3. The Olympics have been taking up a large portion of my nights this week so I feel as if I must mention them (especially because I only rarely watch TV). It’s so inspiring to watch all the dedicated and talented athletes compete! Now if I could just only pull myself away to go to sleep at a decent hour… I woke up with an Olympics “hangover” (also known as exhausted from no sleep) this morning because I was so exhilarated after women’s gymnastics that I just laid in bed wide awake after it was finished for an hour.

4. The lovely breakfast that Matthew made for me this morning when I couldn’t wake up from the above exhaustion. Scrambled eggs, brie and coffee has never been more appreciated, love!

I’m looking forward to having a few friends over on Saturday and (hopefully) going blueberry picking this weekend! I can’t wait to go on a baking spree and eat so many blueberries my teeth turn purple (Ahh… the memories of a childhood in Michigan). What are you up to this weekend? I hope you have a lovely one wherever you are!

xo, Laura


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