fainting & a family-filled visit

hello, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! We spent ours with my parents that came to visit (and bring us the rest of our gifts and wedding things). We had a great time cooking-out on friday, showing my parents around our neighborhood, picnicking at Castle Island and… fainting while waiting for lunch on Saturday at a little cafe in our neighborhood (well, just me on the last one).

I woke up not feeling well on Saturday and apparently I should have been paying more attention to how I felt rather than wanting to show my parents around our neighborhood. I ended up mostly sleeping on the couch in between watching the Olympics the rest of the weekend and am still not feeling strong today. Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened to me (I can remember maybe 7 other times that I’ve fainted for various reasons). Luckily, Matthew caught me for the most part and I didn’t chip a tooth this time! My mom, being a nurse, has supplied me with a blood pressure tester and new vitamins with iron to attack the problem… as well as planning to go to the doctor to get some blood work done (which, with as much as I love needles, will probably cause another fainting spell…sigh).  Hopefully it won’t be a reoccurring problem anytime soon.

See below for some of the happier moments of the weekend! Even with being sick it was incredibly nice to see family and spend time catching up in between naps.



  1. Nice Harpoon glass 🙂
    Love you guys

    1. Oh yes. Didn’t you know that tasting glasses double nicely as mint vases!


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