Craft Sundays


Happy Sunday!

Today marks the start of a little tradition called “Craft Sunday” that I’m doing with a few girls from work. Once a month we’re going to try to get together and do something crafty and out of our normal world of web design. I’m especially excited since doing creative activities is one of my summer resolutions.

Since last year’s craft-focus was pretty much only the wedding, I’ve been craving some experimental creative work. While I loved planning and designing our wedding, I definitely let the looming deadline steal some of the fun potential at different points.

Yesterday I prepped for our activity (and ended up really loving the simplicity of the white with stitching details) so while my new tea towels are drying, I thought I’d share the before, which will definitely inspire some stitch-focused projects in the coming months. Let me know if you have any ideas or other craft projects I can experiment with!

I’ll be sharing with you the outcome of our first Craft Sunday later this week, as well as one of the crafts Matt’s been working on (hint: it was the backdrop to my towels).

Have a joyful and glorious rest of your day!



  1. Where did you purchase your dish towels?

    1. I ordered them off of Amazon… just search for flour sack tea towels!

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