Welcome to Paradise (Estepona, Spain)

I’ve been dying to share some of our honeymoon pictures and stories (and I know many of you have asked about them) so over the next week or so I’ll be posting pictures from different parts of our trip to Spain!

We started our adventure in the little beach town of Estepona where we spent a few (much needed)  days relaxing next to the Mediterranean coastline. It was the perfect setting to just soak in the memories and love from our wedding, while soaking in a little sun.  Our days pretty much looked like this: Wake up late and admire the sea (on a clear day we could see the Rock of Gibraltar and Morocco’s coastline) from our balcony. Eat a delicious breakfast of cheeses and fresh bread accompanied by a mimosa, fresh squeezed juice y un cafe (coffee). Take in the morning light by the pool or on the beach. Walk along the water and admire the cute beach houses and stunningly blue water. Take a guilt-free siesta. Relax some more, and maybe (if we’re feeling realllly adventurous) take a walk into town for some fresh seafood.

Being pre-europe vacation season, the hotel we were staying at was pretty empty. It was surreal to have dinner outside on a romantic gazebo with the Mediterranean sea breeze blowing and stars in the sky (because you don’t eat until 9 or later in Spain) and be the only ones there! It seriously felt like we were in a movie. Such a perfect moment.

It was amazing and a matchless start to our honeymoon. It’s hard to imagine just how tired you are after the intense and joyous days of pre-wedding and wedding fun. I actually was somewhat sick the first day we flew into Spain (I think from not sleeping enough the few days before the wedding) so I was so thankful we decided to do the relaxing part of our trip first. Although we only spent a few days in complete relaxation mode, those moments laughing and conversing under the sun were some of the sweetest days of newlywed bliss. And now… a few pictures of paradise…



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